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A Calorie Is a Calorie
09, 5, 2012

The age-old advice to eat less and move more to lose weight still holds true, but new research revealed that cutting calories is equally as effective as a combination of diet and exercise -- as long as the calories consumed and burned are equal. More

“Be a manufacturer of our Brand”

As part of our capacity expansion plans we invite franchisees for setting up manufacturing units in India and abroad to manufacture various food products under our brand name Craze. Those who have existing production facilities may also contact us. For more details mail us at



With a vision to provide “Health for All” we make and market food products people can trust in. We strive to provide products


What’s New?

Craze has now stepped into confectionery market with its first sugary delight, Starz.


The Brand

From its launch in 1985, Craze brand of products had been one of the top FMCG food brands in India.The Kochi based Platinum group acquired